1. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of information about the tenant and the rental period.
2. When reserving a car and a time slot, a reservation deposit in the amount of EUR 100.00 is paid, which guarantees the reservation of the vehicle and driver in the desired time slot.
3. Reservations are valid for a maximum of 30 days.
4. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the client, the deposit is not returned.
5. The remaining amount of the rent must be settled in full five days before the rental.
6. If the stated conditions are not fulfilled, the rental is not possible.


1. The vehicle can only be driven by a Goodtimers driver who is included in the vehicle rental price.
2. Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle.
3. The maximum number of passengers depends on the vehicle model and is defined at the time of booking.


1. Renting a vehicle includes the necessary mandatory insurances - passengers, car and liability.
2. In the event that the reserved vehicle is not available (for any reason of force majeure), we provide the client with a comparable vehicle.
In this case, the client has the option to withdraw from the agreement and has the right to a refund of the deposit paid for the rental.
3. Goodtimers is not responsible for delays due to any unforeseen emergency traffic conditions or traffic jams. Goodtimers is not responsible for
restrictions regarding vehicle accessibility at any location.
4. Insurance does not cover vehicle damage that is not the result of a traffic accident. In the event of any internal or external damage to
caused to the vehicle directly by the client or indirectly by his guests or any other person connected with the client's event,
the customer is fully responsible for the repair costs.
5. The driver reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the client or passengers cause excessive delay, are untidy, cause damage or are
in the driver's opinion unsuitable for travel.