1955 Ford Thunderbird

The first generation Thunderbird, manufactured between 1955 and 1957, was a direct response to the Chevrolet’s Corvette. Its two-seat design, detachable top, sleek athletic lines and features such as a hood scoop and a 240 km/h speedometer, gave it a sport car feel. Even though it was positioned against the Corvette, the Thunderbird was constructed as a passenger car with emphasis given to comfort and functionality, making it a true Californian classic. The Thunderbird sold exceptionally well. In fact, it outsold the Corvette by more than 20 %. The fact who owns the Thunderbird, says a lot about its iconic status. Through history, the car was driven by Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Nick Adams, Sandra Dee, Elvis Presley, Halle Berry, Jack Lemmon, John Travolta, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, JFK, Billy Gibbons, etc.

Podatki o vozilu

Barva: Black
Dolžina: 4453mm
Širina: 1786mm
Višina: 1326mm
Masa: 1430kg
Št. vrat: 2
Št. sedežev: 2
Zavore: Drum brakes
Platišča: Wire spoke rims
Rezervoar: 76L
Price: 33.900,00

Podatki o motorju

Motor: Ford FE-390
Gorivo: Gasoline
Prostornina: 6384 ccm3
Moc: 235kw/320hp
Navor: 579Nm
menjalnik: 3 Speed-manual

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